Richard Hancock LRPS
Fine Art Photographer - Blog
 This blog is dedicated to my love of photography which I've had since my childhood. First taking photographs on an old Agfa roll film camera, through to acquiring my first SLR as a teenager, an Olympus OM-10. Then learning to develop and print B&W photos in a home made darkroom which ignited my desire to go to Art College and become a professional photographer.

A calling to the church meant a change of profession but my love and enthusiasm for photography has always remained. Film has been replaced by digital and the Darkroom by Lightroom and my trusty MAC.

However, despite the change of medium, developing and printing techniques the essence of photography remains the same the study of light and its effects on a subject. The skill of the photographer is in capturing this light in varying conditions that will create a unique image. A combination of technical expertise and creative flare.

This blog will log my various adventures and projects in attempting to create that unique image.

My work can be viewed on my website: